I have never been so happy to write a review. In every real estate transaction, there’s a lot at stake. And when there’s a lot at stake, you need to surround yourself with the very best. The very best are simply the ones who can get the results that you need. And whether the task is simple or complex, they deliver.

John and Christina, based on my experience, are masters of what they do. They have accomplished what other lawyers find difficult or even impossible to do. I can say this objectively because I had switched from my previous lawyer and consulted with two others, before finally meeting John. And what a blessing it is to have met John and work with Christina.

John is a straight forward person. Apart from being a very good lawyer, he is a mentor, a professor, a great communicator and a strategist. He has a lot of passion and confidence in his and his team’s capabilities and they will deliver the very best, professional service you can expect. He was a licensed real estate broker before he became a real estate lawyer and has managed one of the biggest firms in the city. Take a leap of trust in him and his team and you become family.

My real estate case was both for business and family. I will never forget that during our sit down, we were going back and forth on the best approach and strategy not only to resolve the current issue but also to make sure it’s sustainable through out. He acknowledges when he needs to refer and he did ask me to get an opinion with a colleague before I make the decision. In other words, he helped me consider other angles of my dilemma that enabled me to decide on a strategy to move forward.

Christina, was the one who I worked with when a direction was decided. And what a pleasure it was to work with her. Communication and reassurance, to me, are key when I’m in the middle of a case. Christina had delivered flawlessly on both. There was never a question that was not answered. And she clarifies with me when necessary. It was a reassurance that was not based on promises, but was based on pure work ethic and results. I will never forget when she has emailed me the amendments that my family and I needed and have always thought we could never accomplish.

I have mentioned to John and Christina, and I will mention it again, that for them, because they are professionals, this may be just another day in the office, but to my family and I it means a lot and we are forever grateful. I wish that more families discover the kind of partners Christina and John are when they choose a legal team for their real estate needs.

Joseph Tan