I have never been so happy to write a review. In every real estate transaction, there’s a lot at stake. And when there’s a lot at stake, you need to surround yourself with the very best. The very best are simply the ones who can get the results that you need. And whether the task is simple or complex, they deliver.

John and Christina, based on my experience, are masters of what they do. They have accomplished what other lawyers find difficult or even impossible to do. I can say this objectively because I had switched from my previous lawyer and consulted with two others, before finally meeting John. And what a blessing it is to have met John and work with Christina.

John is a straight forward person. Apart from being a very good lawyer, he is a mentor, a professor, a great communicator and a strategist. He has a lot of passion and confidence in his and his team’s capabilities and they will deliver the very best, professional service you can expect. He was a licensed real estate broker before he became a real estate lawyer and has managed one of the biggest firms in the city. Take a leap of trust in him and his team and you become family.

My real estate case was both for business and family. I will never forget that during our sit down, we were going back and forth on the best approach and strategy not only to resolve the current issue but also to make sure it’s sustainable through out. He acknowledges when he needs to refer and he did ask me to get an opinion with a colleague before I make the decision. In other words, he helped me consider other angles of my dilemma that enabled me to decide on a strategy to move forward.

Christina, was the one who I worked with when a direction was decided. And what a pleasure it was to work with her. Communication and reassurance, to me, are key when I’m in the middle of a case. Christina had delivered flawlessly on both. There was never a question that was not answered. And she clarifies with me when necessary. It was a reassurance that was not based on promises, but was based on pure work ethic and results. I will never forget when she has emailed me the amendments that my family and I needed and have always thought we could never accomplish.

I have mentioned to John and Christina, and I will mention it again, that for them, because they are professionals, this may be just another day in the office, but to my family and I it means a lot and we are forever grateful. I wish that more families discover the kind of partners Christina and John are when they choose a legal team for their real estate needs.

Joseph Tan

What John has done for us wasn’t just a simple closing; he really saved us! I can’t go through the details which is a long story, but all I can say is that our closing was a serious challenge. John negotiated very effectively in order to resolve all unexpected issues. John gave us the impression that he was not acting for a client, but a family member. He was with us every step of the way. He went miles out of his way to help us in closing our deal. My wife and I cannot thank him enough for the exceptionally great service he provided to us. He is a true friend.

Majid Zohari

Recently I attended a presentation given by Mr. Poletes on Remedies and Real Estate Transactions. His knowledge and professionalism was very obvious throughout the presentation. I have been recommending him to my clients for many years. I would add that he is always looking out for his clients best interests.

Robert Feuerstein

John is an excellent lawyer. He picks up the phone all the time. He has a strong team. I want to use a lawyer whom I feel very safe as we are dealing with hundreds and thousands of dollars when it comes to property transactions. John is the one. He is reliable and you just relax that the transaction will be handled and closed seamlessly. He is knowledgeable and competent, yet competitive. I have engaged him repeatedly as I never have to use another lawyer because John Poletes is already the best in Toronto.

Isabelle Lew

John and Christina have been my go-to’s for several years. Their communication, patience and diligence in answering your questions and getting back to you is what means the most to me and my clients.

Has handled several deals for me including two of my own – would be happy referring.

Jacob Berkenblit

Outstanding success to secure full sale price that was at risk.

John Poletes is tenacious, focused and dedicated to his clients.  Whether your closing is straight forward or messy, he will cover all of the details and be available to answer your questions.

John worked directly with us and our real estate agent to ensure that my father received the agreed upon sale price on the family home, protecting Dad’s interests every step of the way.  He is well-versed in real-estate law, works from an ethical base and is responsive to calls, visits and emails.  I recommend him highly and without hesitation!

My father had the good fortune to sell his Toronto home at the height of the market in April with a closing at the end of September. Unfortunately, the deal had many twists and turns. John was promptly available by phone on the night of offer (as the buyer had inserted an unusual clause in the contract) and throughout the next 5 months as the buyer regularly made efforts to pressure my father into amending the Agreement of Purchase and Sale in a variety of ways.  Each time we were able to quickly reach John by phone or email – and he took the time to explain the risks to my father, and how amending the agreement would potentially risk the sale of the home or create more liability for him. As my father is hard of hearing, and prefers face to face communication, John also happily met with him in person on a variety of occasions to explain the potential complications, offer guidance and ask for permission to proceed.

In the two weeks before closing, John showed how well he works under pressure and his exemplary negotiation skills, even when working with an unprincipled buyer. He kept Dad’s interests as his priority. As my father’s POA, I was involved with all of the interactions with John which were almost daily throughout September and suggest that you use him if you want a lawyer who is extremely well-informed, uses the law to his clients’ advantage and is responsive to your questions and concerns.  John even sought advice from a criminal law colleague (at no cost to Dad) to ensure that the information he gave us was complete with pros and cons.

On the day of closing, John negotiated a short extension with 10 conditions, all suited to protect my father.  John proactively worked to cover the spread between the now value of the home if it had to go back up for sale and the sale price that it had been sold for in April so that even if the buyer didn’t close on the house my father would be out of pocket very few, if any, dollars. He even had the buyer pay the additional legal fees associated with the delayed closing date.

L King